Celebrate POCI’s 50th Anniversary
Fully detailed, enamel, 5 color image of the newly adopted POCI logo. About the size of a quarter, highly detail, with the 50th in the background. $15 each, 2 for $25, plus $6.50 P & H to the lower 48 states. Shipping outside US, please contact Ray Stoeck: and leave a detailed message. Remit to: Ray Stoeck, PO Box 2448, Evans, GA 30809 Please allow 10-14 days shipping.

Grand Prix Chapter Earrings $25.00 for a pair, plus $6.50 S & H to US only (additional charge for outside US). Remit payment to: Ray Stoeck, PO Box 2448, Evans, GA 30809 Please allow 10-14 days shipping. Best to call me. Home cell

Grand Prix Chapter Hat Pins $4.00 includes postage. Ray Stoeck P.O. box 2448 Evans, GA 30809
I’m an over-the-road trucker so I may be slow to fill the order. Best to call me. Home cell

Window decals Grand Prix Chapter $4.00 @ or 2 for $7.00.
I’m a over-the-road trucker so I may be slow to fill the order.  Best to call me.  Ray Stoeck P.O. box 2448 Evans, GA 30809
Home: , cell:

The Grand Prix Chapter will have it’s 35th anniversary next year. We have a commemorative hat pin available. They are 1 @ $10 each,  2 or more @ $9.50 each, plus postage of $6.50, (USA)  or they can be picked up at the POCI convention in TN in 2023.  Please call me if you need more information. cel,   Thank you !  AJ   email =   Make checks payable to A.J. Koszi,  Mail to 1456 Jeter Ave.  Fountain Hill, PA 18015-2420

GRAND PRIX STRAW CHAPEAU $35.00 These are a high-quality straw hat with an embroidered hat band. One size fits all, the inside elastic band stretches to fit comfortably. Light weight, nicely woven to allow cooling air in and heat out. Available in BLACK, only. Hat bands are black cloth with white embroidered letters: GRAND PRIX. Only 8 hats with bands available. Orders must be prepaid no later than August 6th and can be picked up at Norwalk 2022, Norwalk 2023 or at the TN POCI Convention 2023. Shipping available at additional cost to your zip code. Please include all your contact information. Contact A J Koszi   or call:

ATTENTION : 1962 Grand Prix Owners !!

Did you know there was (IS) a 60 second television commercial for OUR cars? ?
You can Google it and view a fuzzy, distorted version of it, OR, you can order a copy of it that has clear & sharp visual and clear, distinct audio as the original commercial, 16 mm film will allow. Available in 3 formats, please specify. $30 , postage included.
Also include your email address for updates, order confirmation.

DVD: _______ Name: ______________________________________

USB: _______ Address: ____________________________________

CD:_____ Email Address: ___________________________________

Please make checks payable to: A J Koszi, Mail to 1456 Jeter Ave Fountain Hill, PA 18015-2420
email 610-504-4735 Thank you, A J

I recently acquired 2 pins. If anyone can help me with the history. The one appears to be pre Pontiac Oakland Club International (POCI)
Please email
= or call   cel   A.J. Koszi

I have attached photos of a pin/pendant that I recently purchased.
It is about the size of a quarter. Has a pin and hasp to hold as a coat or hat pin and it has an enclosed loop so as to string a chain through it to wear as a necklace. There is NO “k” mark, so I know it is not gold or gold plated.
I have never seen anything like this in all my years as a Pontiac “enthusiast” , nice word for wacko.
I hope someone out there just might be able to help me add a perigee to this very unusual piece of Pontiac history.
Thank you all for your cooperation. If you need additional information or photos, please give me a call.
Regards,    A J Koszi