Attention:  Some of our members have been scammed by persons finding your info on the Classifieds. They will call you and say they have the parts or car you are wanting and ask for you to send money. Make sure you are dealing with a legitimate person. Ask for photos and references.

GP Info Wanted

I recently bought a 1967 GP convertible. I would like to know how many were built with a 4-speed manual transmission, 400 CI and a front bench seat with arm rest. It also has the PA turn signal option. Ron Broze 4/22

GP Parts Wanted

Wanted: Plum floor mats for a 1965 Pontiac GP. Marc Rinella (PA)(6-21)

Wanted: door pull cup for ‘73-‘77 GP, left and right sides. Part # 9669380 and 9669381.
Kim Schroder, [email protected]     (3-21)

Looking for 1973-77 Grand Prix parts car. Robert Schneider

GP Parts for Sale   

Transmission Fluid Dip Stick Tag;  If your 60’s Pontiac has an automatic transmission, chances are high that this tag is missing. These measure the same as the original, but the lettering is screened, not raised. The top tag is the original, the lower ones are the repros. $5.50 each / 2 for $10 A J Koszi:

1964 Grand Prix, Complete dash, center console, front grilles with parking lights, vacuum gauge, AM radio. Have ash tray inserts for a Catalina, a custom ash ]tray compartment with fold down panel. 1962 tach for parts only  1963-4 standard shift trans rear 2 pc original mount/clamp. Frank Chamberland, (4/22)

‘65 GP Lower trim plates (Stainless Steel) – $200 for a set of 6;
‘66 GP parts, to many to list. Shipping extra. Call or e-mail for availability Peter Lungulowor e-mail 8/22

67 GP: dashboard, ash tray (sandblasted and powder coated), B-Body bucket seats, rear seat – bottom, rear seat springs – top. Also (8) 8 lug rims and (2) 8 lug drums. ‘67 GP rear panel with lights (man-cave wall art looks great), rear skirts, ‘67 GP nose and signal covers; ’69-’70 console shifter; ‘68? speedometer; A/C compressor (I think it’s for a late 60’s Bonneville); AM radio; Pontiac remote mirror. I can send pictures – make an offer. John Granatelli  (CT) (4/22)

‘69-’72 Grand Prix parts. I have a large collection of these parts. If interested contact me for a complete listing including condition, and price. Gary Derner, or (AZ)    (4/22)

‘69-71 GP body parts for sale. Contact Jack Johnson (AZ) (4/22)

‘71-’72 GP rear interior-complete black interior including both cushions, upper/lower quarter panels with ashtrays and PW switches, filler panels, seat belts, and outside quarter window trim with weatherstrip. All in very good condition. Asking $600. Gary Derner, (AZ)  (4/22)