The 2017 Annual GP meeting went well. Penny San Marco took the minutes. Ron M gave the treasurers report for Stuart. The full report will be posted on the website. They voted that the webmaster could spend up to $200 on software. We elected 2 new members to the Pit Crew. Kurt Hill has been a Pit Crew member and Chuck Cochren is a long time Grand Prix Chapter member but newer to the computer world.
There were several NASCAR cars parked in the garage with the points judged cars. One of the NASCAR guys was in and started one of the cars and told us we could cross the rope for a closer inspection.
You all missed out on some warm weather but you also missed out on driving on the race track. They let 15 cars on at a time behind a pace car, but if you lagged back you could get some speed up when catching up. It started at 6:00 and they let you do 3 laps and you could get inline and go again until dark. I made 3 runs giving rides.
The Sat show day was cloudy and a few sprinkles but the clouds were much appreciated.
Sat you could get a ride on the track in the NASCAR Limo, a stretched NASCAR racer that would seat 12. I didn’t partake but reports were, it was great.
7 Chapter members took a road trip to the Vintage Grill & Museum in Weatherford,TX  for lunch on Wed. After a little extra time getting lost with road construction that had no posted detour we enjoyed several one-of-a-kind cars. The highlight of the trip was a GM concept Grand Prix with a LS-1 and all wheel drive with big wheel flares and 9.5″ x 19″ wheels built on the 97-03 body.
Frank & Penny San Marco were surprised with an award for getting the Road Warriors going several years ago.
Chuck Cochren was there to receive the original owners award with his 77 GP.
Wayne Beran’s 73 Grand Prix earned a silver tray award for 5 yrs of Champion status in the points judging
Doug Williams received a Gold in the points judging with his 64 Bonneville Convertible in semi-modified class
AJ Kozsi won a Most Outstanding with his 62 GP popular vote stock class
Bruce Robertson won a Outstanding with his 64 GP popular vote stock class
Ron Maurer won a Most Outstanding with his 69 GP  popular vote stock class
Ray Stoeck won a Outstanding with his 65 Bonneville wagon in popular vote semi-modified class
Frank San Marco won a Outstanding with his 67 LeMans convertible in popular vote stock class
Cliff Saxon won a Outstanding with his 72 GP  Hurst SSJ in popular vote semi-modified class
This is from my notes and memory. Sorry if I missed a member as I have not received the judging report from POCI
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