Please start taking and sending in photos of your GP’s for the Calendar for next year and photos for the website along with a story about your car and equipment and how or why you own it.  If you don’t have my email address just fill out the comment box on the contact page and I will get back to you.

The GP calendar is our only fund raising item of the Grand Prix Chapter. We can find photos of Grand Prix’s many places but we prefer to use member car photos and wouldn’t you like to see your car on the calendar.  I need high resolution photos of your cars for the Grand Prix Chapter calendar.

There seems to be a lack of understanding on high resolution. The video below will help you understand resolution. I think most digital cameras & cell phones with cameras have an adjustment that lets the user set the resolution. I find most cell phones are set to a lower resolution because the image takes less storage space, could be the same with cameras too. I need 5 MP or better to produce a nice 8 X 10 picture for the GP calendar.

Here is a video on how to change the resolution on a Samsung S4 cell phone, quite simple and most cameras are simple to change too.

Samsung Galaxy S4- How to Change Camera Photo

Tips to get photos to us for the calendar that have enough resolution for us to print an 8” x 10” for the calendar.

Make sure your camera is set to save the image at the maximum pixels. If you don’t know how consult the manual or Google the question.

  • If you have a setting in the camera for 4 x 3 aspect ratio use that instead of 9 x 16. It’s closer to the size we print. If it doesn’t have that setting stay farther away from the car when taking the photo. Just think of it as, I have to cut a fair part off of each end of the picture (crop it) to end up with an 8” x 10”
  • Transfer the image to your computer and attach it to an email. Even then some email programs will reduce the image. If the image has a lot of resolution it will have 3 – 10 MB of data. Most email providers only allow attachments of 10 MB or less so you will have to send only 1 or 2 images in an email.
  • If the email program reduces the size of the photos you can save it to your favorite cloud service like Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive and Share with me with a link that I can download the full size image.
  • If using a cell phone camera Don’t send the image as a text, it reduces the image to a very small size.
  • If using an Android phone and can’t transfer to a computer there are apps you can use that will transfer the full size image such as “We Transfer” and others, and cloud services like “Google Photos”.
  • If using an IPhone there is a setting to email in actual size.
  • I’d prefer you didn’t edit the photo, We’ll do that.
  • Think about what’s in the background when taking the photo, we like nice scenery but not with another car driving by at the time or people walking around. Think about where the sun is, shadows & glares can spoil the photo.  You can send me photos any time of the year and I can save them for the next calendar. Christmas and winter scenes are hard to come by.
  •   Thanks, Your Pit Crew Chief, Ron Maurer