A letter from one of Charlie Speaks friends about his passing.
I knew Charlie Speaks for many years . He came to the Alabama Chapter POCI’s Pontiac show for years and usually brought his 1986 Grand Prix 2+2, which was optioned with a driver side power seat.
He also had a 1971 Grand Prix and a couple of other newer Pontiacs.
He was always fun to be around and interesting to talk to.
I saw Charlie at the last POCI Convention that i attended,which was Bowling Green KY. He was always up for fun and talking about Pontiacs. We had lunch a couple times during the convention with a few other POCI members .
He always made me feel like Family. He even picked up a set of heads and a intake for me in South Carolina and brought them back to his home in Georgia a little over a year ago. 
He was always glad to see you and I know he made many friends . He will be missed.
I think the obit from the Tim Stewart Funeral Home – Lawrenceville, GA website would be good as it states he “enjoyed traveling and showing his Pontiac’s”.
 Preston Grant IV
GP Chapter Pit Crew Member passes